“These changes have enhanced care by increasing our
efficiency and making our nurses more accessible to patients.”
– Cindy Driscoll

All Children’s Hospital


All Children’s Hospital needed to move to a brand new facility, which comprises 259 beds over 10 floors. The new hospital is nearly three times larger than its predecessor. About three-fourths of the space in the new facility is dedicated to inpatient care, with the balance set aside for outpatient services. In designing the hospital, the central challenge was how to create a state-of-the art, patient-focused facility featuring an innovative design that won’t go out of style.


After considering multiple modular solutions, none of which fully met the hospital’s needs, All Children’s decided on Sync caregiver stations. A new product at the time, Sync first appeared on the hospital’s radar two years into the building process. Sync’s chief appeal is its ability to facilitate the transformation to decentralized nursing stations without compromising the existing infrastructure and architecture. Highly efficient Sync workstations are designed to promote collaboration and support workflow.

The new office also had to withstand the test of time, preferably without ever showing its age. Vinyl and faux leather fabrics by Designtex Performance Fabrics were used to create fabrics that would stand the test of time. It was also imperative that furnishings would provide long lasting support, flexibility and durability, which both Sync and the Neighbor Collection provided.

Designers also paid special attention to the waiting areas. To make the spaces look more inviting, designers created seating vignettes with the Neighbor to create more private gathering areas.

Four months after move in, one space originally used for admitting was converted into a neonatal intensive care unit. The usage change caused bottlenecks in the caregiver station areas, but with Sync in place the area was easily reconfigured to accommodate the flow.

Patient and family satisfaction has never been better. A recent survey rated nursing care at 4.93 on a five-point scale, a 9 percent improvement over the final survey conducted at the old hospital. All Children’s attributes the increase primarily to nursing staff being more visible and closer to patients.