Your Space



workstation long

Total Control
Instant and easy adjustable height desk with simple push button control conveniently located at work surface edge to maximize work area and prevent damage from possible spills.

Complete Ergonomic Support
Work surfaces adjust with the touch of a button from 25.5” to 52” for the option to sit or stand, creating a comfortable and productive workspace.

Power Up
Power and data located on a clamp at desk height for easy access and option to move it from one location to another.

Get Engaged and Stay  Connected
Casters provide ease of movement to accommodate rapid and flexible collaboration and team reorganization. 2 casters lock to increase stability.

So Smooth and So Clean
Butcher block  surfaces have vinyl sealer and a top coat of durable conversion varnish for a smooth, hard surface that withstands scratches and spills.

Take a Seat
Mobile peds provide storage for personal items and work tools. Cushion top doubles as  a seat for guests.