Welcome to the Pfizer Resources Page

We understand there are many uncertainties in this current time period. It can be difficult to know what the future of work will look like. As your partner, Storr and Steelcase want Pfizer to have choice and control to make the best informed decisions for your employees and workspace.

We’ve leveraged our Virtual Reality and animation technology to propose alternative options, using the standard typicals we are presenting. With no additional product to purchase, we can rearrange the standard typicals, that will allow for more social distancing and separation for your employees.

See below animation showing the many variations for these standards that provide, safety and separation among employees.

Please also see this Virtual Tour that offers a glimpse into how your space can be adjusted to this new norm.

Times may be uncertain but we have the wealth of knowledge and experience from Steelcase’s global network of clients, thought leaders and experts.  We are here for any questions or concerns you may have. Reach out to us today!

If you wish to learn more about bringing your employees safely back to the office, visit our What’s Next page here.