When businesses add new employees, the need move and reconfigure their office environment becomes a challenge.  Storr Office Environments realizes your workplace is constantly evolving and that is why we provide numerous architectural solutions. Storr’s array of modular construction products, including movable walls, easy-access flooring, and modular power cabling, are all smart solutions. They give you the flexibility to efficiently grow your business space as your company grows. This construction process is a smart choice for your bottom line and the environment.

Storr Office Environments has developed a specialized team to help you navigate the world of modular solutions. Our certified experts are here to help determine the needs of your project, create product specifications, take field measurements, plan electrical placement, lend expertise in construction management, and will work with your general contractor seamlessly in the construction process.

Additionally, Storr’s certified designers are trained to conduct real-time meetings so our customers can view their space in 3D while changes are made on the spot. This unique process significantly reduces design time and gives customers an accurate look into their new space. Let us help you redefine your space.

The Storr Architectural Solutions team is here to become your long-term partner. Whether you are in healthcare, education, high-tech, professional services, education or government, our team will work with you as your business continues to evolve. By future-proofing your real estate with industry experts and products that can accommodate changing needs and technology, you are making an investment in your business, your team, your space, and your future.