Storr Office Environments Community Giving

Our team members are encouraged to volunteer and take active roles in their respective communities. To assist employees in accomplishing this goal, Storr Office Environments Community Giving established the “Change a Life” and “weCare” programs. This way, our organization and its members can give back to people in their time of need. These two philanthropic efforts are the primary tools that help us reinvest in our community. Storr Office Environments employees also invest in the community through a variety of community outreach programs as well. Several team members donate their time assisting numerous organizations throughout North Carolina.

Storr Office Environments Community Giving Change a Life


Each year, people in our local communities and throughout the world continue to suffer without the most basic of life’s necessities.  As a company, Storr has demonstrated a passion for helping those in need and has designed a program that encourages each of its team members the opportunity to give and the chance to be better stewards and protectors of those in need.

As a result of that passion, the “Change a Life” campaign is held annually in the fall of each year to promote charitable giving.  Team members are invited and encouraged to donate and make a difference in someone else’s life


People often are faced with times of financial hardship and challenging life situations, which is why the Team Members of Storr have the opportunity to provide funding assistance to fellow Team Members during a time of need.  Funding requests will be treated with privacy and will be confidentially reviewed by three rotating weCare members.  Funding requests will receive priority response, and funding assistance decisions are made between a 24 and 48-hour time window.  The weCare Fund is intended to supplement our Payroll Advance Guidelines during periods of crisis.

Storr Office Environments has assisted the following organizations through a variety of charitable donations and volunteering.