Innovative technology, bold colors, interactive collaboration spaces, ergonomic-friendly benching: see what’s new for 2015 workspaces.

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June 9-11, seven Storr employees went to NeoCon to check out the latest and greatest of what top designers have to offer for workplace design. They’ve picked their top 4 trends!

New, innovative technology

For years we have heard technology will take over the workplace, and that could not be more true.  Large monitors, interactive conference and collaboration rooms, and mobile workstations are becoming more prevalent.  Whether you want to connect your computer for a client presentation or you want to share ideas in a brainstorming session, the technology to bring your ideas to the big screen have never been easier.

Check out Steelcase’s media:scape! It just takes one touch to share your ideas!

Bold colors

At Storr, we’ve had bright colors in our showroom for a while, and this trend doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. Bright, bold colors in seating and finishes help liven up the workplace and create a more fun and welcoming environment. This year, bold colors continued to be a staple at NeoCon. Even more traditional offices can experiment with adding pops of color to their space while maintaining a professional environment.

Creative collaboration areas

Creating innovative, idea inspiring collaboration areas is another workplace addition becoming more widespread. Interactive technology, bold and comfortable seating, and modular pieces help create a multi-purpose space for team members to brainstorm, collaborate on projects and discuss ideas. Choosing easy to move pieces gives the user the ability to create a workspace that best fits his or her work style.

Adding pieces like glassboards help in the creative process.

Height-adjustable tables

Ergonomics is taking over the workplace, and a height-adjustable benching is one of the most popular ergo products. Giving users the option of sitting or standing while they work gives them more flexibility and increases wellbeing in the workplace.  It was hard to find a manufacture that didn’t have some version of height-adjustable work surface.

Steelcase has their Series Bench that offers users a personal choice of height without disturbing their neighbors.

NeoCon is North America’s largest design expo and conference, held in Chicago at the beginning of June. More than 700 exhibitors and 40,000+ professionals attend to discuss design new products, upcoming trends and all the latest and greatest in the design world.

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