“Storr’s team has been integral in creating a positive and inspiring
environment for our teams.”
Karen Cheney



Biogen wanted their workspace to embody their culture of open communication and teamwork as they moved away from private offices and moved towards an open, highly collaborative landscape.  Because of their growing team, Biogen needed to find a way to optimize their real estate while still accommodating different working styles.


Storr created a space that was versatile enough to accommodate more people in the same amount of space.  In order to save on real estate without compromising the open feel and layout, Storr created a glass panel solution to provide privacy without blocking the line of sight. Additionally, Storr suggested cushion top filing cabinets to replace the old side chairs that took up valuable real estate.

Storr provided height adjustable workstations for all departments, however, this was particularly important to Biogen’s patient services department who had very different needs because of long, sensitive phone calls with patients. This department required visual and acoustical privacy but also needed the flexibility to stand and move around. Previously, these employees were sitting on high stools which didn’t account for different body types or working styles. Storr provided height adjustable tables which now allows these employees to have the choice to either sit down at normal 28” sitting height or to stand. And now, with the 53” panels, the sensitive calls with patients can still remain private conversations.

Ergonomics was very important to the Biogen team. Storr’s certified ergonomics team provided extensive ergonomic training, spending several days showing  employees how to properly use their workstations, the different adjustments for task  chairs, and how to position themselves properly in the work environment. Storr provided the entire team collateral that speaks to best practices on ergonomics.