Ergonomic Services

At Storr, our goal is to provide our clients with cost effective solutions to improve employee comfort and educate them on how to apply ergonomic principles in their own work environment. Our ergonomic services include:

  • initial phone evaluations
  • individual work space evaluations
  • follow up visits
  • ergonomic awareness training
  • individual workspace and product recommendations

Storr’s ergonomic evaluators are trained to analyze your processes and staffing and identify the products and configurations to support a genuinely user-friendly workspace – from basic layout and accessibility issues to ensuring proper posture. The knowledge and experience of our ergonomic team can bring to your company will help you develop a working environment that maximizes the productivity and comfort of your most important asset – your team members!


Featured Ergonomic Services Project


“Storr’s team has been integral in creating a positive and inspiring
environment for our teams.”
Karen Cheney, Biogen Idec

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