“Working with Storr made this journey easy and memorable. They were extremely flexible, inviting and knowledgeable. They made me feel like a solid contributor and valued my input. The students and I have enjoyed the spaces Storr helped to create and I truly count this project an overwhelming success.”
-Chester Miller

NC State University, Wolf Ridge Apartments


Wolf Ridge Apartments wanted spaces for students that could serve as multiple settings, both formal and informal, day and night. They needed sustainable furniture, durable finishes and a space that could accommodate advancing technologies. Two buildings needed a design that matched the aesthetic of the existing space, while one needed to be bold, exciting and cutting edge.


Storr created spaces that are versatile enough to accommodate various group and individual activities. Each room offers a collaborative group space as well as independent options, designed keeping in mind the 4 work modes: collaborating, focusing, learning and socializing. Storr provided pieces like the Jofco Ziva sofa which offers multiple collaborative uses and layout styles, while also accommodating technological needs with outlet space. They also provided lounge chairs and individual seating to promote independent focus. Claurus glass boards serve as impromptu stations for collaborative meetings and are four times more durable than glass. Students were given both collaborative and independent space, and increased flexibility to work and study in ways that best accommodate their personal style.

Storr also had to create two different design plans. Two buildings were designed with consistent pieces and colors to match each other throughout. The third building uses brighter colors, bolder fabrics and modern pieces. Each lounge has a different, unique design. From furniture to fabric to artwork, each space was handpicked by our designers to create dynamic and multi-functional environments for students.

It was important for Wolf Ridge to have “student owned” spaces that encourage a balanced work and social atmosphere. Storr produced trend setting, sustainable, multipurpose spaces while working closely with each specific design requirement.