Asset Management - Warehouse Storage

Storr clients are putting our expertise and experience in asset management to work to manage a broad range of assets and ensure prompt and efficient response to relocations, corporate restructuring, new construction delays, and more.

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Buyback + Disposal

Storr provides a broad range of financial solutions to help you maximize your purchasing power while preserving precious capital. Options include: Leasing, Rental, Buy Back and Disposal,

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Office – Commercial Flooring – Raleigh

Commercial Flooring

Floor covering is typically an afterthought in the design process, yet as one of the most visible and eye-catching part of your work space, it can have the greatest impact of all your architectural and furnishing decisions.

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Design + Space Planning

Interior Office Design + Space Planning calls for professionally-trained experts and that’s just what you’ll find when you turn to Storr as your interiors partner.

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Delivery + Installation

Effective delivery and installation services call for two key elements: knowledgeable, experienced installers and access to a comprehensive and reliable supply of furniture parts and components.

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Ergonomic Services

At Storr, our goal is to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions to improve employee comfort and educate them on how to apply ergonomic principles in their own work environment.

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Facilities Management

Storr’s team of veteran facility management experts brings to your organization the knowledge and services needed to keep your facility running smoothly, so you can concentrate on meeting the core business objectives of your company.

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Commercial Move Services

Relocations are complex, time-consuming projects that can have a major impact on productivity and your bottom line if not managed correctly.

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New + PreOwned Furniture

With over 120,000 square feet, our showroom has a huge selection of used and PreOwned office furniture including deeply discounted workstations, desks, seating, storage and other items to enhance your workspace and fit your budget.

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Project Management

Project Management

Storr Office Environments project management team leads projects strategically with hands-on responsibility and accuracy.

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Records Management

Records Storage Management

Our HIPAA-trained records center staff allows clients’ to ensure regulatory compliance, and provide efficient and secure management for hardcopy files and data contained on electronic media.

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Services Refurb

Refurbishment + Renewal

Storr’s refurbishment + renewal services can improve the appearance of your facility and offer significant cost saving solutions to meet budgetary constraints and preserve capital for use in other areas of your organization.

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