Move Schdeule
Move Instructions
Move Updates

Move Schdeule


Announcement of the Move
Announces the move company-wide.  Launches move portal.

Design Finalized 
The overall design of the space will be finalized

Team Member Location Finalized
Placement of each team and their respective team members will be finalized by this date.  An announcement email will be sent out to each affected  team member to let them know their new location.

Construction Begins
Phase 1 of the construction begins.  There will be 4 phases of construction. Our facilities team will send periodic emails with construction updates. These updates will be posted in the employee cafe tv.

Department Meetings/ Discussions
Our facilities team, along with our partners at Storr Office Environments,  will hold move meetings with each division to review move dates, expectations, schedules and to address any concerns you may have.   If you are unsure of when your dept meeting is, please use the help form.

Construction/ Installation Complete
Construction and furniture installation is scheduled to be complete by this date.

Packing Begins
Tyga boxes, labels, tape, scissors  will be delivered to every floor. Please make sure to follow the exact labeling instructions outlined in the move instructions.

Packing Complete
We are asking all team members to have their items packed up and ready to be moved by 5pm on this date. Please ensure that you are following the packing/move instructions. If for any reason you aren’t sure of what or how to pack, please use the help form.

Employee Work From Home
Employees impacted by the move will be asked to work from home for these specific dates unless otherwise noted by their manager.  Please make sure to pack your laptop, forward calls to your cell, and bring any pertinent files  with you so that you can be 100% efficient during this time.  If for some reason working from home is not an option, please talk to your supervisor to come up with an alternate solution.

Move-In Day!
Employees return to the office with any equipment they may have brought home with them.

Post Occupancy Survey Sent Out
We will be emailing a link out a post occupancy survey to get your feedback on the move, your personal workspace, and the overall design.  We ask that all employees complete this survey within one week of distribution.