What do you want your space to say about you?

Storr is your Single Source Solution for all your Furniture Needs and Services

At Storr, your business is the reason we are in business.  Our goal is to provide you the knowledge, office products, and services you need to create working spaces that positively and significantly impact your business objectives. Your workspace exhibits your culture, your brand.  What your clients and employees see when they enter your space is a reflection of your corporate identity and culture.

Storr Office Environments understands the process of transforming your ideas about space into reality.  The process of creating your space is an art with which Storr has many years of experience.  Since 1914, Storr has been a Steelcase dealer.  In 1992, new ownership took the helm and charted a course for growth that included rigorous adherence to quality practices and principles.  Storr subsequently won the Steelcase Exemplary Performing Dealer award, an industry equivalent to the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award. The way we consistently serve our clients with excellence demonstrates our unique strength.  Our knowledge is the difference.

Each client is unique.  We take the time to listen to your specific needs and business goals.  You’re greeted with a team of professionals whose primary goal is to translate your thoughts about how you work – and how you want to work – into dynamic, innovative spaces.  From initial meeting through project completion, you are assured that every step is well-defined, communicated and executed with total customer satisfaction as our end goal.  The key to maintaining success in the marketplace is maintaining successful working relationships.  Storr’s continuous improvement, built on client satisfaction measurements, is our basis for building a trusted relationship with you.